Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cross it off....

Ok... so here it is! I have wanted to make a blog for months now and i have had it on my "to do " list for a while (are you all surprised?) and here it is! Now you all can read all about Nate and I down in California and see what is going on (just don't use this as an excuse to not call me once in a while so that we can really catch up). No seriously though, I have loved reading everyone else's blog so i decided i should repay the favor and share my life.

I have titled it "Interesting choices" in honor of my mom because she always would say that to the kids when were growing up. I have definitely learned that life is a choice and some of my choices have been .... interesting to say the least. :-) (i love you mom). Anywho, I hope you guys like reading my blog as much as i have enjoyed all of yours.

Here are some pics to start off this journey...

We went to Santa Barbara with Kirstin and Nathan when we first got here. It was pretty

We even tried the LA County Fair before we started school and work in September with Kirstin and Nathan.

Nate and I went to So You Think You Can Dance Concert in Anaheim at the Honda Center in September because I watched the show all summer with my sister. There was some excellent dancing!

Kaytee Rose came to visit in October. Good times! We love visitors!

Nate and his Greek boys at Thanksgiving. We had our first Turkey away from "home" but I tell you Rebecca Sok makes one amazing turkey bird!

These are some friends from Nate's school. We used to do happy hour every monday night during football season. I think it was Nate's favorite night.

Last but not least... our life group from church. We love meeting with these couples every week! Some people are missing but you can get the jist.

So there you have it... some pics of fun things and people to get everyone caught up on what we have been doing down here. It has been an adjustment, but we are enjoying the time now. We love out new friends but miss our old friends and family. Until next post....