Monday, July 20, 2009

May Visitors!!!!!!!!!!

Part of my family came to visit at the end of May!!!
We went to Sea World in San Diego....

Carter telling us where to go.....
(He is now 3 years old!!!)

Is this not the ugliest thing ever???
We went to the beach and it was overcast....My little MoMo...

Is she not the most adorable with her teeth??
(She is almost 1 year old in this picture)

Nate's birthday Thai dinner

And that was the end of their trip here. I was so sad to see them go but don't worry I will be seeing them in less than a week now that it is July. :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Catching up.... WEDDINGS!!

So May was the month of wedding for us. We were able to go home for 2 weddings, 2 weekends in a row. That was crazy flying month. Anyway, here is some pictures from our time in Oregon for the weddings....
Jamie and John's Wedding:
The group.... oh I miss them!
-We all had stamps that said "867-5309" for the bar we went to.... (Jenny Henry do you remember that song??? I thought of you!)
The GirlsSo sadly enough I forgot my camera at the wedding so all I got was the night before. :-(

Elissa and Danny's Wedding (Nate's cousin)

It was beautiful at a vineyard outside Dallas, OR

Nate and Michael, his brother
The whole fam...
Our table at the reception

Nate and Michael dancing with Melia, their niece. Priceless.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today is THE day....

4 Years Ago TODAY..... was THE best day of my life!!!!

I married my best friend....

(anyone remember this moment?? It will go down in history)

on July 2nd 2005....

we celebrated all night with friends and family....

I am so proud of him and the husband that he is...Happy Anniversary Nathan!!!!