Sunday, August 9, 2009


We went to Disneyland with the Connolly girls (& Anthony). Nathan grew up with these girls and they are like sisters to him. Anyway, they were in town and we went to Disneyland....

This random man stopped us and asked us to do a Hoedown, so we did. (actually Caitlin volunteered us all :-). It was fun! He was making lots of jokes.... basically he made fun of us.
Side note: everyone in this picture is wearing something Disney (Caitlin sporting a Oregon Duck shirt) except for Nate and I.... conclusion: they are hard core Disneyland tourists! (Apparently, Anthony, Meredith's husband used to go to Disneyworld every year for family vacation growing up and he is the oldest of like 6-7 kids. He definitely knew his way around Disneyland and knew all of the inside knowledge and background... he was my tour guide).

Fionna was in the front on Splash Mountain and got SOAKING wet. She was a good sport.
The first time Nate and I went on 3-D toy story ride in California adventure... it was awesome. We have been missing out on this!
It was my friend Lahela's birthday in June so we celebrated her! I made her wear my wedding tiara and use the special plate. This is my other friend Megan eating watermelon!

I decided to get in touch with my creative side and I made these invitations for my sisters baby shower. Megan helped me because she is an event planner and very creative. I think they turned out pretty good for my first home-made invitations! THanks to Megan

Amanda and AJ came to San Diego so we met them in Laguna Beach for fun!

Amanda got frustrated because AJ kept licking her in the pictures before this so she rejected him only to find out Nate was doing it...

I love Amanda and baby boy in tummy!
AJ pretending to be a lifeguard....
The end for June.... more to come for July!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Worst Day at the Dentist!!!!

I am taking a brief break in updating my blog to pay tribute to the worst day I have experienced at the dentist in my life. Now, don't get me wrong, the dentists themselves were nice and their was fancy technology which was fun (I got to look at the xrays of my teeth) but despite all of this I still call it a bad experience! Why? I hate the dentists because I am a bad patient and don't floss but Nate and I have never had much work done on our teeth since being married. Here is my story, sorry it is long... had to vent.

Well Nate and I had appointments at 1:30 p.m. This was our first visit to the dentist since moving to California. We arrived at 1:30 and signed in. The receptionist asked if we pre-registered online ahead of time and I said "No, I didn't know about that." (because I didn't). So she asks us to go to the computer in the reception area to do this. No problem. It takes like 10 minutes. We are done and waiting in the waiting room by 1:40p.m

At 2:15pm we are still waiting, so I ask Nate to ask them how much longer because we have another appointment at 3:00pm. (I didn't think it would be a problem because I have never spent more than an hour at the dentist before). Nate asks and they check and say that we are next and it shouldn't be much longer, oh and the exam doesn't take too long. So I think ok 45 minutes should be ok. Nate calls our second appointment to tell them that we will be late, more like 3:30pm. No problem.

Finally at 2:20pm I get called back..... to get xrays of my teeth. I have had xrays of my teeth before. No problem. Now they took about 12 sets of xrays. AND then they took actual pictures of my mouth and then my face! What?!?! Oh and she made me gag like 5 times! Almost vomited...

At 2:45pm I get to the exam room, waiting for the dentist. Oh they offer movies on the little screens so I start Runaway Bride while waiting. Dentist comes in, very nice, takes a 5 minute look at my teeth and says, "not bad, you need one filling. I will send one of the girls in to talk about this and then I will be back to do it." Ok

"Girl" comes in and explains the options with my insurance. She knows we are on a time crunch and I ask How long it should take and she responds "about 30-40 minutes". I ask her what they said about Nate and she responds "Welllll, ..... I am going to let him tell you about that." Weird. OK where is he? Across the hall and she takes me there.

Nate and I then find out that Nate needs approximately $1500 worth of Onlay work (what the heck is Onlay???!!!) Long story short..... Nate's dentist comes in and explains to me what the heck is going on with Nate (something about failed filling and crack in tooth) and her recommendations.

In the meantime, my dentist is confused where I went and is waiting around for me to do my filling. Keep in mind that neither of us has had our cleaning yet!

3:30 pm (2 hours after scheduled appt): Ok, so after a thorough convo with Nate and his dentist we make a decision and I go back to my chair to get my filling. My movie is gone. My dentist comes back in.... is not so nice and friendly this time... takes another look says that someone will come in to clean my teeth..... enter in mean old lady that didn't say more than 2 words to me..... "Open and Close". She also was very harsh, hit my lip with her instruments, and didn't even floss all my bottom teeth! To rinse I have to get up and go to a sink outside the exam room. They don't have the portable sinks to spit into in the exam rooms. What?!?!

Dentist comes in to do my filling. I am done at 4:40pm (3hours 10minutes after appt time).
Nate isn't done until 5:35pm.

Wow what an experience! That was long.... but I feel better!