Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boston!!!!! (a work trip)

A view from my Hotel- Boston is a very beautiful city with lots of brick buildings! I love brick! And a TON of history!
P.S. The hotel we stayed at was the same as the Craiglist Killer Hotel! Scary!

Alison, a co-worker, eating a lobster.

Some of the people I work with... by the way I went to a conference but didn't take any pictures of the conference. Why would I do that?

Cheers! The actual bar that the show was designed after. This is the real thing!

The site of the Boston Massacre and the balcony where the US Constitution was read to the people for the very first time!

Bell In Hand Tavern- the oldest tavern in America

We were in the North end (aka the Italian end) of Boston and I had never had one of these.. I can't remember what they are called now but it was good.

The Old North Church where the signal lanterns of Paul Revere were displayed in the steeple... anyone remember there History class???

Very cool, old cemeteries-buried here is Sam Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Franklin's wife

The Boston Monument

Finally, me at Harvard square in Cambridge. Apparently it is good luck to touch the gold shoe (later I found out from a Harvard alum that at freshman initiation the boys have to pee on the shoe-..... awesome)

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  1. Love those pictures! Looks like fun too! Way to go on the blogging friend :)