Sunday, August 9, 2009


We went to Disneyland with the Connolly girls (& Anthony). Nathan grew up with these girls and they are like sisters to him. Anyway, they were in town and we went to Disneyland....

This random man stopped us and asked us to do a Hoedown, so we did. (actually Caitlin volunteered us all :-). It was fun! He was making lots of jokes.... basically he made fun of us.
Side note: everyone in this picture is wearing something Disney (Caitlin sporting a Oregon Duck shirt) except for Nate and I.... conclusion: they are hard core Disneyland tourists! (Apparently, Anthony, Meredith's husband used to go to Disneyworld every year for family vacation growing up and he is the oldest of like 6-7 kids. He definitely knew his way around Disneyland and knew all of the inside knowledge and background... he was my tour guide).

Fionna was in the front on Splash Mountain and got SOAKING wet. She was a good sport.
The first time Nate and I went on 3-D toy story ride in California adventure... it was awesome. We have been missing out on this!
It was my friend Lahela's birthday in June so we celebrated her! I made her wear my wedding tiara and use the special plate. This is my other friend Megan eating watermelon!

I decided to get in touch with my creative side and I made these invitations for my sisters baby shower. Megan helped me because she is an event planner and very creative. I think they turned out pretty good for my first home-made invitations! THanks to Megan

Amanda and AJ came to San Diego so we met them in Laguna Beach for fun!

Amanda got frustrated because AJ kept licking her in the pictures before this so she rejected him only to find out Nate was doing it...

I love Amanda and baby boy in tummy!
AJ pretending to be a lifeguard....
The end for June.... more to come for July!!!

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  1. Hey beautiful! I love the pics and I'm so jealous that you get to go to Disneyland! Melia and I will have to bring her little sister down for a trip. Or maybe just Juanro and I will come and leave the peanuts at home... ;)